I gave Kim a new communication device to keep in touch for her next mission, he had no idea I could turn it ton by remote remote whenever I wanted to! As soon as I set it on, I captured her in a very intense and intimate moment with hot Ron. Boy, how I wish I was him. Kim looked beautiful, down on her knees, giving Ron a wet and sloppy blowjob with her pouty red lips and silky tongue. She even lets him blow his load in her mouth and drinks down his cum like an obedient girl!

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Yes, Kim and Monique succeeded in capturing Shego and spoiling her sinister plan, but you have no idea what happened on the plane trip back to the headquarters! Turns out Shego has created a formula with the ability to give girls big dicks, Monique and Kim are so intrigued, they give the potion a little try. They not only grow huge cocks, they also get an incredible urge for having sex. Shego becomes the target of their lust; the green skinned villain can’t believe the amazing futanari sex the two girls give her with their new incredible girl-dicks! I will have a hard time explaining all these lusty details during the debriefing!

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Kim told me all about her latest wet dream, and boy, I was so turned on! In her fantasy, she is in class when the new substitute teacher arrives: none other than the beautiful green skinned Shego! Her arch nemesis is now her teacher and Kim must do everything she is told. Hot Shego is ready to discipline Kim for being a below average student, making her sit on her desk, open her legs and allow her naughty teacher to eat out her wet snatch and have hot lesbian action with her!

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