Kim likes to put on her undies at night and read a good book before she goes to sleep, unless Rufus manages to distract her. With the security cams I have placed on her home, I get access to all this naughty footage. Rufus is well trained, he knows how to sneak inside Kim’s panties and play with her wet pussy! It makes her drop her book and play with herself as her pet mole rat orally pleasures my beautiful redheaded spy.

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I recently sent Kim on a very hush hush mission; she had to infiltrate a strip bar. It was a very dangerous mission; Kim needed to be well trained, so I rented out a strip joint so she could practice, under my supervision of course! Kim took the stage like a seasoned stripper, performing a hot stripper routine on the strip pole that totally made me bust a nut while I checked her out! Looks like this mission just comes natural for her!

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Fearing that Drakken may have placed an evil chip in my brain, I went to Kim’s mom to get a checkup. I was okay, but Kim’s hot mom took the opportunity to play naughty nurse with me! She took off all her clothes and gave me a full body exam, letting me know she would find the perfect way to thank me for always looking out for her daughter. The only condition, never to tell Kim about all the naughty things she would do to me!

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