Kim playing with her new dildo

It was Kim’s birthday the other day and I gave her a gift that I was sure she would love. You had to see the way her beautiful eyes opened up wide as she unwrapped her gift and found it was a shiny new red dildo. Kim loves to play with her sex toys, but never lets me watch. But that was okay; I had placed a secret camera on this one, so I can get alerted when she turns it on and watch her masturbating with it! It’s a gift that works for both of us!

Kim playing with dildo

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Kim wraps herself up as a gift for Ron

Kim asked for my help the other day. It was close to her anniversary date with Ron, and she wanted to give him a hot present he would not forget soon! She wanted to wrap herself up in a big red ribbon and turn herself into a gift inside a big red box. She took off all her clothes and got all tangled up in the red ribbon tape, it was very funny but very sexy and kinky at the same time. I did not know whether to laugh or pull don my pants and bust a nut!

Ron sex cartoons

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Kim and friends have a naughty lesbian threesome

Kim told me the dirtiest sex story the other day. She loves to tell me all about her naughty sexcapades, she knows how hot they make me, and entertains herself watching the big bulge under my pants grow as I make some excuse to go to the bathroom and masturbate. In this story, Kim was having a naughty lesbian threesome with her classmates in the empty classroom during recess. Imagine what would happen if they get caught!

naughty lesbian threesome