Kim gets naked by the pool for Wade

I got a distress call from Kim’s communicator last night and rushed to her rescue, believing she had fallen into a trap or some evil scheme from Shego or Drakken! Her signal led me to the penthouse of a luxury building, where I discovered that Kim was more than safe! She was waiting for me by the pool, completely naked and looking sexier than ever. Looks like Ron is not available tonight and I get to fill in for him! These opportunities do not come around often!

Kim gets naked

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Kim gets captured and seduced by Shego

Oh, my God! What can I do? Kim has gone missing after her last mission, and I just got an envelope from the horny Dr. Drakken! I opened it up and found many dirty pictures of Kim! She was captured by the sexy and evil Shego, who had her restrained and was taking off her clothes, forcing her into steamy lesbian lovemaking with her! I guess I will figure out how to rescue her at some point, but right now all I can think about is masturbating to these hot pictures and posting them on my blog!

Kim gets seduced



Kim masturbates in her cheerleader outfit

Kim Possible always carries her cell phone with her, so I can contact her if there is an emergency. It doesn’t even ring; I can get through to her right away and see her on camera. This can be very fun and kinky sometimes! Last time, I called her after one of her cheerleading practices, and I could see Kim masturbating herself in her sexy cheerleader outfit! She didn’t even hear it ring and just kept on playing with her tits and rubbing her wet pussy, she had no idea I was seeing her from the cell phone until she was done and I had busted a nut looking at her naughtiness!

Kim masturbates