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Every night, after returning from a dangerous mission, the lovely Kim likes to get into her naughtiest lingerie and go to bed, reading excerpts from her very kinky private diary, filled with detailed erotic stories of all her sexual encounters! Rufus enjoys sneaking into bed with her while she is reading; he can smell the delicious pussy juices soaking her panties as she reads. Kim pretends not so see him and lifts her panties just enough for Rufus to be able to get inside them and give her wet twat a very good licking that makes her cum several times while she reads out loads some of the kinkiest passages from her intimate diary!

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Kim gets her asshole fingered while sucking Drakken’s blue cock

Lovely Kim’s encounter with the evil Dr. Drakken in the city’s sewer tunnels has surely ended in a surprising and unexpected way, with both of them giving in to their sexual desires and getting kinky in the sewers! Kim strips totally naked and gets down on all fours, rubbing her dripping wet twat and giving Drakken a delicious blowjob while he takes care of fingering her hot asshole. Drakken’s drool is falling all over her ass, sliding down her crack and lubing up her precious asshole so she can have hot anal sex with the evil Drakken! God bless modern sewer systems with security cameras allowing me access to this incredible footage of my lovely Kim!

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Kim Possible makes Dr. Drakken toss her delicious salad

I had intel on the location of dreaded Dr. Drakken, so I sent Kim on a very perilous mission to the city’s sewer systems. Kim found Dr. Drakken alright, but the results of their encounter where more than unexpected for me! With Drakken defeated and down on his knees, Kim noticed he had a huge hard-on. Looks like humiliation arouses the evil Doctor and Kim came up with a very kinky way of humiliating him indeed! She pulled up her sweater and pulled down her pants, exposing her big breasts and beautiful ass, spreading her delicious ass cheeks wide open and ordering Drakken to give her a rim job! What envy, being limited to an observer, watching Kim gets her puckered little asshole teased by Drakken and wanting to take his place so bad!

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