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Being a brash teen, Joss is rebellious against authority, even that of her lovely redhead cousin Kim. She must shower but refuses to do so, but Kim knows how to make her give in, telling her that maybe it would be more fun if they shower together! Turned on by curiosity, Joss accepts and soon both girls are totally naked in the bathroom. Kim can tell Joss is turned on by her naked body and she lets the sexy teen explore her with her wet tongue. Joss gives Kim the hottest pussy licking ever while our redhead spy plays with the perky nipples crowning her fabulous titties. Don’t turn on the shower just yet, Kim! I wouldn’t want the steam to fog up my spy cam and miss this hot lesbian duet!

Joss licking Kim Possible's hot pussy



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As soon as Kim told me her cousin Joss would be staying with her a few days, I made sure to set up some extra spy cams in her house, to make sure I didn’t miss a single second of naughty lesbian fun when these two get together. Joss is younger then Kim, and she takes it upon herself to teach her all she needs to know about sex, and she makes damn sure to keep those lessons really fun and kinky! My cameras caught the girls in the bathroom, totally naked and getting ready for a steamy shower. Joss was all over Kim’s puffy nipples, with a smile on her freckled face as Kim caressed her soft butt. I couldn’t wait to see these two get into the shower, hoping the steam emanating from their voluptuous bodies in heat wouldn’t fog up the camera lens!

Kim and Joss Possible Kim and Joss Possible



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Rufus interrupts my beautiful Kim while she is reading from her naughty diary in bed, just wearing her little cotton top and undies. Kim pulls her top up and her big titties pop right out, her nipples are already very hard and she seems to be in a naughty mood. Lucky Rufus, I can only watch from the spy cam while he gets to eat out Kim’s wet pussy, her legs raised up in the air with her panties dangling loosely. Rufus must be real good with his tongue, Kim seems to be enjoying his oral pleasuring quite some!

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