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Rufus interrupts my beautiful Kim while she is reading from her naughty diary in bed, just wearing her little cotton top and undies. Kim pulls her top up and her big titties pop right out, her nipples are already very hard and she seems to be in a naughty mood. Lucky Rufus, I can only watch from the spy cam while he gets to eat out Kim’s wet pussy, her legs raised up in the air with her panties dangling loosely. Rufus must be real good with his tongue, Kim seems to be enjoying his oral pleasuring quite some!

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Kim Possible has fun in bed with Rufus

Every night, after returning from a dangerous mission, the lovely Kim likes to get into her naughtiest lingerie and go to bed, reading excerpts from her very kinky private diary, filled with detailed erotic stories of all her sexual encounters! Rufus enjoys sneaking into bed with her while she is reading; he can smell the delicious pussy juices soaking her panties as she reads. Kim pretends not so see him and lifts her panties just enough for Rufus to be able to get inside them and give her wet twat a very good licking that makes her cum several times while she reads out loads some of the kinkiest passages from her intimate diary!

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Kim Possible and Rufus have fun in bed

Rufus is getting very naughty tonight! It looks like Kim has taught him a couple of new tricks! He has learned how to manipulate her favorite dildos and fuck her very hard with it! Kim is getting aroused like never before, her big tits bouncing off her tight sleeping shirt while she raises her tight bubble butt up in the air so her naughty little pet can pleasure her and make her cum over and over with her sex toy!

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Kim gets oral pleasure from Rufus

Kim likes to put on her undies at night and read a good book before she goes to sleep, unless Rufus manages to distract her. With the security cams I have placed on her home, I get access to all this naughty footage. Rufus is well trained, he knows how to sneak inside Kim’s panties and play with her wet pussy! It makes her drop her book and play with herself as her pet mole rat orally pleasures my beautiful redheaded spy.

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