Kim gets captured and seduced by Shego

Oh, my God! What can I do? Kim has gone missing after her last mission, and I just got an envelope from the horny Dr. Drakken! I opened it up and found many dirty pictures of Kim! She was captured by the sexy and evil Shego, who had her restrained and was taking off her clothes, forcing her into steamy lesbian lovemaking with her! I guess I will figure out how to rescue her at some point, but right now all I can think about is masturbating to these hot pictures and posting them on my blog!

Kim gets seduced



Kim masturbates in her cheerleader outfit

Kim Possible always carries her cell phone with her, so I can contact her if there is an emergency. It doesn’t even ring; I can get through to her right away and see her on camera. This can be very fun and kinky sometimes! Last time, I called her after one of her cheerleading practices, and I could see Kim masturbating herself in her sexy cheerleader outfit! She didn’t even hear it ring and just kept on playing with her tits and rubbing her wet pussy, she had no idea I was seeing her from the cell phone until she was done and I had busted a nut looking at her naughtiness!

Kim masturbates

Kim’s latest adventure took a rather steamy turn, when Kim got into a huge fight with her arch nemesis, the beautiful green skinned Shego. Drakken was watching it all from his satellite feed, and so was I, thanks to Kim’s remote camera. The girls were totally into the fight, pulling their hair and ripping off their clothes. Soon, the fighting turned into hot lesbian lovemaking, with the girls rubbing their wet anime pussies together. Drakken couldn’t believe it, but I think nobody was mad about this outcome!

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Ron catches Kim and Monique playing naughty lesbo games

Ron told me the dirtiest story just the other day, and it involved horny Kim and her best friend, Monique. Ron was at home and he saw Kim’s parents leave the home. Knowing Kim would be all alone for a while, he took the opportunity to sneak into the house and surprise her with his big hard-on. He came into her room without knocking, with his big dick in between his hands, but Kim was not alone! She was almost naked with Monique, and it looks like they were having a lot of kinky fun without him!

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Kim has lots of fun with her sex toy

Looks like Kim is a fan of the new sex toy I got for her. She has no idea it has a secret camera and an alarm that lets me know when she turns it on so I can watch her masturbate. Man, that alarm goes off every 20 minutes, no kidding! Kim just goes crazy with the sex toy, masturbating all day long! She is even arriving late for work and hasn’t let Ron touch her for a week, plus all the naughty footage I got from her playing with her pussy is distracting me from my work as well!

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Kim playing with her new dildo

It was Kim’s birthday the other day and I gave her a gift that I was sure she would love. You had to see the way her beautiful eyes opened up wide as she unwrapped her gift and found it was a shiny new red dildo. Kim loves to play with her sex toys, but never lets me watch. But that was okay; I had placed a secret camera on this one, so I can get alerted when she turns it on and watch her masturbating with it! It’s a gift that works for both of us!

Kim playing with dildo

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Kim wraps herself up as a gift for Ron

Kim asked for my help the other day. It was close to her anniversary date with Ron, and she wanted to give him a hot present he would not forget soon! She wanted to wrap herself up in a big red ribbon and turn herself into a gift inside a big red box. She took off all her clothes and got all tangled up in the red ribbon tape, it was very funny but very sexy and kinky at the same time. I did not know whether to laugh or pull don my pants and bust a nut!

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Kim and friends have a naughty lesbian threesome

Kim told me the dirtiest sex story the other day. She loves to tell me all about her naughty sexcapades, she knows how hot they make me, and entertains herself watching the big bulge under my pants grow as I make some excuse to go to the bathroom and masturbate. In this story, Kim was having a naughty lesbian threesome with her classmates in the empty classroom during recess. Imagine what would happen if they get caught!

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Ron and Kim fucking in the laboratory

Ron and Kim came over to the lab the other day, looking for me, but I was not there. Since they were alone, they took the opportunity to have kinky sex in the lab. They stripped naked and did it all over the place, in the wildest positions you can imagine. They had no idea about the security cameras; I could see all the stuff they were doing from my spy watch! Boy, did I bust a nut watching my favorite redhead spy get fucked by Ron!

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Monique is so hot, a sexy black babe with a stunning body! I made a bet with Ron, telling him he wouldn’t be able to convince Kim into having a hot threesome with him and Monique. Ron fell straight into my trap, thinking he could win the bet. I asked him to tape the whole thing as proof. Yeah, he won a twenty buck bet, but I get a homemade porn video with sexy redhead Kim and her naughty friend Monique in a steamy threesome!

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