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After placing surveillance cameras in the school’s restrooms by Kim’s orders, I managed to film hours and hours of hot footage. Looks like Ron is using the place to have a hot affair with Kim’s rival, Camille. The nasty blonde slut loves to jump on top of Ron’s huge cock and ride him in the dirty restroom. Just wait until Kim sees this hot footage, she is going to get so angry, or maybe she just gets turned on!

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Kim alerted me of fishy things going on in the boy’s room at the school, so I set up my hidden cameras for some surveillance. I was not surprised to find Ron in the bathroom, masturbating himself as usual, but imagine my shock when Camille walked in and grabbed his massive boner, giving him a steamy blowjob. No wonder Kim asked me to survey the area; she knows that Ron is cheating on her, like usual! Too bad she doesn’t just dump him and replace the dork with me!

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Joss is growing up and turning into a hot teen girl. Kim knows she will make many guys horny, and she better teach her all she needs to know about sex. She takes her to the bathroom and they both get naked. Kim like Joss’ sexy toon body, her pussy is so pink and tight, it has not been touched by a girl’s tongue yet, until Kim teaches Joss the right way to lick snatch! I love it when Kim tells me all these naughty stories from her intimate life!

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Joss and Kim get along so well, they love to spend lots of time and do all they can together! Of course this includes bathing! I’m lucky to be able to see all the action with the hidden cameras I have in her home. The girls have come back home from the streets and they are very hot, sweaty and horny. They take off each other’s clothes and get in the shower; it’s going to be a very hot, steamy and long one indeed!

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Rufus is getting very naughty tonight! It looks like Kim has taught him a couple of new tricks! He has learned how to manipulate her favorite dildos and fuck her very hard with it! Kim is getting aroused like never before, her big tits bouncing off her tight sleeping shirt while she raises her tight bubble butt up in the air so her naughty little pet can pleasure her and make her cum over and over with her sex toy!

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Kim likes to put on her undies at night and read a good book before she goes to sleep, unless Rufus manages to distract her. With the security cams I have placed on her home, I get access to all this naughty footage. Rufus is well trained, he knows how to sneak inside Kim’s panties and play with her wet pussy! It makes her drop her book and play with herself as her pet mole rat orally pleasures my beautiful redheaded spy.

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I recently sent Kim on a very hush hush mission; she had to infiltrate a strip bar. It was a very dangerous mission; Kim needed to be well trained, so I rented out a strip joint so she could practice, under my supervision of course! Kim took the stage like a seasoned stripper, performing a hot stripper routine on the strip pole that totally made me bust a nut while I checked her out! Looks like this mission just comes natural for her!

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Fearing that Drakken may have placed an evil chip in my brain, I went to Kim’s mom to get a checkup. I was okay, but Kim’s hot mom took the opportunity to play naughty nurse with me! She took off all her clothes and gave me a full body exam, letting me know she would find the perfect way to thank me for always looking out for her daughter. The only condition, never to tell Kim about all the naughty things she would do to me!

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Joss takes care of babysitting Kim’s brothers, Jim and Tim, every time Kim has to go on a mission. Just in case, I have security cameras mounted on the house, in case some naughty villain tires to kidnap them while Kim is away. Kim has no idea, however, what goes on in the house when she is away on her missions. Joss has the wildest hentai threesome with Jim and Tim, letting the pesky twins double team her and soak her in cum. What a way to baby sit!

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