Kim gets captured and seduced by Shego

Oh, my God! What can I do? Kim has gone missing after her last mission, and I just got an envelope from the horny Dr. Drakken! I opened it up and found many dirty pictures of Kim! She was captured by the sexy and evil Shego, who had her restrained and was taking off her clothes, forcing her into steamy lesbian lovemaking with her! I guess I will figure out how to rescue her at some point, but right now all I can think about is masturbating to these hot pictures and posting them on my blog!

Kim gets seduced

Kim’s latest adventure took a rather steamy turn, when Kim got into a huge fight with her arch nemesis, the beautiful green skinned Shego. Drakken was watching it all from his satellite feed, and so was I, thanks to Kim’s remote camera. The girls were totally into the fight, pulling their hair and ripping off their clothes. Soon, the fighting turned into hot lesbian lovemaking, with the girls rubbing their wet anime pussies together. Drakken couldn’t believe it, but I think nobody was mad about this outcome!

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Bonnie Rockwaller can be a real bitch sometimes, but cute Kim knows how to take her down a notch or two. Kim knows the hot cheerleader has a little weakness, and it involves her fetish for hot redhead cheerleaders! Kim puts on her hot cheerleader outfit and pays her a visit along with a friend. Bonnie can’t resist so much tongue in her pussy; she totally loses it in a wild and steamy lesbian threesome, not knowing I’m getting it all on film with a secret camera hidden in Kim’s clothes!

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Kim and Monique fuck Shego as hot dick-girls

Yes, Kim and Monique succeeded in capturing Shego and spoiling her sinister plan, but you have no idea what happened on the plane trip back to the headquarters! Turns out Shego has created a formula with the ability to give girls big dicks, Monique and Kim are so intrigued, they give the potion a little try. They not only grow huge cocks, they also get an incredible urge for having sex. Shego becomes the target of their lust; the green skinned villain can’t believe the amazing futanari sex the two girls give her with their new incredible girl-dicks! I will have a hard time explaining all these lusty details during the debriefing!

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Kim confides her wet lesbian fantasies with Shego

Kim told me all about her latest wet dream, and boy, I was so turned on! In her fantasy, she is in class when the new substitute teacher arrives: none other than the beautiful green skinned Shego! Her arch nemesis is now her teacher and Kim must do everything she is told. Hot Shego is ready to discipline Kim for being a below average student, making her sit on her desk, open her legs and allow her naughty teacher to eat out her wet snatch and have hot lesbian action with her!

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Kim infiltrates enemy lines and seduces Shego

Kim will do whatever it takes to accomplish her missions, and many times this means infiltrating into enemy territory and “sleeping with the enemy”. Kim really seems to enjoy this, more so if the enemy is the beautiful, voluptuously green skinned Shego. I am lucky to have a tracking device that allows me to follow and see Kim in situations like these, the hot lesbian hentai sex they are having will let me jerk off to the tapes of their encounter for days!

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