Kim Possible makes Dr. Drakken toss her delicious salad

I had intel on the location of dreaded Dr. Drakken, so I sent Kim on a very perilous mission to the city’s sewer systems. Kim found Dr. Drakken alright, but the results of their encounter where more than unexpected for me! With Drakken defeated and down on his knees, Kim noticed he had a huge hard-on. Looks like humiliation arouses the evil Doctor and Kim came up with a very kinky way of humiliating him indeed! She pulled up her sweater and pulled down her pants, exposing her big breasts and beautiful ass, spreading her delicious ass cheeks wide open and ordering Drakken to give her a rim job! What envy, being limited to an observer, watching Kim gets her puckered little asshole teased by Drakken and wanting to take his place so bad!

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Kim gets naked by the pool for Wade

I got a distress call from Kim’s communicator last night and rushed to her rescue, believing she had fallen into a trap or some evil scheme from Shego or Drakken! Her signal led me to the penthouse of a luxury building, where I discovered that Kim was more than safe! She was waiting for me by the pool, completely naked and looking sexier than ever. Looks like Ron is not available tonight and I get to fill in for him! These opportunities do not come around often!

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Kim has lots of fun with her sex toy

Looks like Kim is a fan of the new sex toy I got for her. She has no idea it has a secret camera and an alarm that lets me know when she turns it on so I can watch her masturbate. Man, that alarm goes off every 20 minutes, no kidding! Kim just goes crazy with the sex toy, masturbating all day long! She is even arriving late for work and hasn’t let Ron touch her for a week, plus all the naughty footage I got from her playing with her pussy is distracting me from my work as well!

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Kim wraps herself up as a gift for Ron

Kim asked for my help the other day. It was close to her anniversary date with Ron, and she wanted to give him a hot present he would not forget soon! She wanted to wrap herself up in a big red ribbon and turn herself into a gift inside a big red box. She took off all her clothes and got all tangled up in the red ribbon tape, it was very funny but very sexy and kinky at the same time. I did not know whether to laugh or pull don my pants and bust a nut!

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Kim and Joss take a hot bath together

Joss and Kim get along so well, they love to spend lots of time and do all they can together! Of course this includes bathing! I’m lucky to be able to see all the action with the hidden cameras I have in her home. The girls have come back home from the streets and they are very hot, sweaty and horny. They take off each other’s clothes and get in the shower; it’s going to be a very hot, steamy and long one indeed!

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Kim gets oral pleasure from Rufus

Kim likes to put on her undies at night and read a good book before she goes to sleep, unless Rufus manages to distract her. With the security cams I have placed on her home, I get access to all this naughty footage. Rufus is well trained, he knows how to sneak inside Kim’s panties and play with her wet pussy! It makes her drop her book and play with herself as her pet mole rat orally pleasures my beautiful redheaded spy.

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Kim turned into a hot strip dancer

I recently sent Kim on a very hush hush mission; she had to infiltrate a strip bar. It was a very dangerous mission; Kim needed to be well trained, so I rented out a strip joint so she could practice, under my supervision of course! Kim took the stage like a seasoned stripper, performing a hot stripper routine on the strip pole that totally made me bust a nut while I checked her out! Looks like this mission just comes natural for her!

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Kim versus the cum blasting machine

Kim came over to the lab to wish me a Merry X-Mas, she looked so hot in her sexy X-Mas outfit, I just had to let her try out one of my latest inventions, a cum blasting machine! She stripped down to her naughty X-Mas themed lingerie and took on the machine, man, what a hardcore toon sex show! Kim was able to tame the machine, but not before taking several massive cumshots on her pussy, body and face, leaving her exhausted and covered in milky cum. The machine definitely works!

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Kim turned into a sexy centaurides

I must confess, my inventions sometimes get out of hand with the beautiful Kim Possible. I cannot be blamed; such a beautiful, spunky spy girl makes me want to try the most insane inventions! My latest formula was tested on both Kim and one of my assistants; imagine my surprise when they turned into centaur like creatures! Mind you, Kim looked even hotter as a blend of woman and mare! God, my assistant had a huge horse cock, and started mounting Kim, who seemed quite happy to try her first horse cock!

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Kim and Monique fuck Shego as hot dick-girls

Yes, Kim and Monique succeeded in capturing Shego and spoiling her sinister plan, but you have no idea what happened on the plane trip back to the headquarters! Turns out Shego has created a formula with the ability to give girls big dicks, Monique and Kim are so intrigued, they give the potion a little try. They not only grow huge cocks, they also get an incredible urge for having sex. Shego becomes the target of their lust; the green skinned villain can’t believe the amazing futanari sex the two girls give her with their new incredible girl-dicks! I will have a hard time explaining all these lusty details during the debriefing!

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